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The BC Association of Chiefs of Police (BCACP) recognizes the significant investments made in the 2023 provincial budget. The Association particularly welcomes the increase in funding for policing services in British Columbia that we believe will have a significant impact in our communities.

BCACP President, Supt. Todd Preston, says that the additional funding is a positive step forward to support the delivery of adequate and effective policing services in British Columbia. “We are pleased to see that the provincial government recognizes the importance of maintaining funding levels for policing. This will allow us to continue to recruit and train officers, implement new programs, and focus on providing the highest level of public safety to the communities we serve.”

The BCACP acknowledges the challenges faced by the government in balancing the needs of all sectors during these unprecedented times. The Association remains committed to working collaboratively with the government to ensure that public safety remains a top priority, along with advocating for our key stakeholders who work hand in hand with our agencies.

In addition to funding for policing, senior police leaders in British Columbia welcome the increased investments in mental health, addiction services and complex care. “We recognize that mental health and addiction issues are often at the root of many criminal activities,” says Supt. Preston. “By addressing these issues and providing individuals with the support they need, we can reduce crime and create safer communities, while also saving lives.”

The BCACP remains committed to working with the government and our key stakeholders to ensure that the funding provided is used efficiently and effectively to support the delivery of quality policing throughout British Columbia, while also working to support the modernization of policing. We look forward to utilizing and leveraging the funds to implement new and innovative programs and tools that will help those in crisis, which in turn will support police officers to focus on key policing issues.

Yesterdays announcement was a positive step forward to supporting the future of our province. Senior police leaders thank the Provincial Government and Premier David Eby for the commitment to safer and healthier communities.


Supt. Todd Preston                                                         Tiffany Parton

President, BCACP                                                           Executive Director, BCACP