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The BC Association of Chiefs of Police (BCACP), which represents all senior police leadership and over 9,200 officers in British Columbia, are horrified and saddened by the tragic and senseless death of Mr. Tyre Nichols following an altercation with five Memphis Police Department officers earlier this month.

Police leaders from across British Columbia do not condone this egregious act of violence and are fully supportive of an accountable and transparent process that holds officers accountable for their actions. We condemn excessive and inappropriate use of force.

We stand with our communities to bring an end to anti-black racism, anti-indigenous racism, and all types of racism, discrimination, and hatred directed at any individuals or groups in our society.

As police leaders, we recognize that the actions of these officers will also impact the trust and confidence in policing throughout the United States and Canada.

Police leaders in British Columbia are committed to the ongoing strengthening of police governance, modernization, enhanced training and the use of technology to ensure accountability. As police organizations, we reaffirm our commitment to the engagement with our communities to ensure the trust and confidence of those we serve.


Supt. Todd Preston                                                                   Tiffany Parton

President, BC Association of Chiefs of Police                     Executive Director, BC Association of Chiefs of Police