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BC Law Enforcement Diversity Network


Working in ancestral and unceded Indigenous lands since 1998, the British Columbia Law Enforcement Diversity Network is made up of public safety agencies committed equity, inclusion and belonging.

As a provincial network, we discuss principles and practices of authentic community engagement, and share programming models and training resources, all towards the goal of promoting community trust and safety. 

We share situational information relating to issues impacting diverse communities across BC, such as the poisoned drug supply, or intimate partner violence, and share strategies to address these issues.  We also promote equity and inclusion within our agencies, recognizing the challenges that public safety agencies face in achieving a sense of belonging for everyone in the workplace.

The BCLEDN is focused on professional development through the promotion of public safety conferences and training throughout our membership. We also host our own events both virtually and in-person. In 2023 we held the “Ask Me Anything – Faith” featuring an online panel that discussed Indigenous, Islamic, Jewish, Christian and Sikh faith, and how faith positively influences professional practices.

In February of 2024 the BCLEDN hosted “Being Anti-Racist in Public Safety”, a one-day forum focused on experiences of racism for those working within public safety, and the crucial evolution from being “not racist” to being “anti-racist”. BCLEDN was proud to host this opportunity to reflect, engage and evolve with the broader public safety community.

Please contact the BCACP for information on how your agency can join the BCLEDN.

BCLEDN member agencies are Metro Vancouver Transit Police, Canada Border Services Agency, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Canadian Pacific Kansas City Police, BC RCMP Highway Patrol, North Vancouver RCMP, Burnaby RCMP, Surrey RCMP, Richmond RCMP, Surrey Police, Abbotsford Police, Delta Police, West Vancouver Police, Saanich Police, Port Moody Police, New Westminster Police, Victoria Police, and Vancouver Police.

Promoting Safety for People with Autism

The BC Association of Chiefs of Police and the BC Law Enforcement Diversity Network are working to promote safety for individuals living with autism and those who are neurodiverse. One initiative is the Autism Decal.

The decal, when displayed on a house or vehicle, serves as a discreet yet clear notification to first responders that someone with autism might be present, prompting them to adjust their approach and communication methods. This program aims to foster better responses by first responders during interactions with people with autism, or who are neurodiverse.

In addition to the decal, the BCACP and BCLEDN are working with autism organizations in British Columbia to offer specialized training to first responders to enhance their understanding and interaction skills with individuals living with autism, ensuring more effective and sensitive responses in their duties.

We welcome your feedback!

The BCACP and BCLEDN is currently seeking community feedback and input on this program, including the design of the decal. We invite you to submit your thoughts or information by filling out the form below.